Waterra HydroLift Actuator Pump

Waterra HydroLift Actuator Pump

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Electrical tubing actuator. Requires 120VAC power supply.


The Waterra Hydrolift Pump is a portable, electrically operated tubing actuator that will oscillate vertically, the Waterra Foot Valve-Tubing Combo in your monitoring well. It will give a big efficiency boost to your field sampling program when using the Waterra Pump System.

This actuator is designed for purging, developing and sampling 2 inch (5cm) diameter monitoring wells up to 150 to 200 feet  (45 – 60m) deep. This actuator is optimized to operate with the Standard Flow System up to its maximum effective depth and will operate with the High Flow System up to a depth of 150 feet (45m).

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