UltraRAE 3000 PID Monitor 9.8eV Lamp (Non-Wireless) - Monitor Only

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Accurate measurement of VOCs from 0.05 to 10,000 ppm
3-second response time for VOCs
60-second snapshot measurement option and unique 15-minute STEL measurement
Correction factors for more than 350 compounds
9.8eV UV lamp for benzene and TVOC and 10.6 and 11.7 lamps for TVOC
RAESep benzene tube for compound-specific measurement
Humidity compensation
Optional Mesh Radio for ConneXt compatibility
Optional built-in Bluetooth transmitter that transmits up to 2 miles with RAELink3 wireless router
Sample pump draws from up to 100 feet
Large display reports gas type, correction factor, concentration
Rugged housing for harsh environments
Sensor and lamp auto-cleaning
Built-in flashlight
Multi-language capability – up to 10 languages
Automatic temperature-controlled sampling time calculation

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