LDPE Tubing 1/2" OD Low Flow Tubing

LDPE Tubing 1/2" OD Low Flow Tubing

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LDPE 1/2" OD (3/8" ID) low density polyethylene (LDPE) softer and easier to work with than HDPE.


Low Density Tubing is the most popular tubing choice for use in shallow groundwater monitoring wells. LDPE tubing is more flexible than HDPE and is less likely to develop a kink.

The Waterra Low Flow System is ideal for  sampling narrow diameter  piezometers < 1 inch when used in conjunction with a Waterra D-13 or SS-13 Foot Valve.

Waterra LDPE Low Flow Tubing comes in 100 and 500 foot coils and measures 1/2 x 3/8 inch.

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