Layfield Enviro Liner 1030 (20' x 42')

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Enviro Liner® 1000 (EL1000) series is a specialized polyethylene lining material that has been developed for the containment of drilling fluids and chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. EL1000 can also be used to line short term oil pits (up to 5 years). EL1000 comes with a light grey color top skin layer and a black layer on the bottom. The grey face helps to identify potential sheet damage and leaks (if the grey outer skin layer is damaged it will normally show the black core layer). The grey face also reflects sunlight better than the black face, helping reduce wrinkles caused by sheet thermal expansion and contraction. EL1000 is available in a 30 mil thickness. Enviro Liner® 1000 is flexible enough to be factory fabricated so that it can be delivered in one large panel with no seaming required on site. We can also produce up to 22.5 ft wide roll stock.

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