Heron DipperLog Vented +

Heron DipperLog Vented +

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DipperLog VENTED+ Groundwater Data Logger


The dipperLog VENTED+ is a reliable, cost effective solution for measuring groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The dipperLog VENTED+, incorporates a gauged transducer that measures pressure exempt from barometric influences which is ideal to use in both long and short term monitoring.

Download Speed – 128,000 data sets in 6 minutes (21,333.33 Sets/min).
Battery – up to 15 years or 5,000,000 readings (depending on usage).
Calibration Certificate with each logger.
Machined, 316 marine grade stainless steel body and transducer.
Able to convert deployment options easily in the field.

Available Pressure Ranges:

10m-30ft (recommended for water height of 1-9 meters)
30m-100ft (recommended for water height of 10-29 meters)
60m-200ft (recommended for water height of 30-59 meters)
120m-400ft (recommended for water height of 60-119 meters)

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