Sequoia Supply proudly supplies high quality and reliable rental equipment to our customers.  Our goal is to assist our customers by supplying them with the equipment that best meets their project requirements.


All rentals from Sequoia Supply are subject to our Rental Policy.  To avoid misunderstandings please read and be familiar with our Rental Policies listed below.



All rental equipment has a daily, weekly and/or monthly rate.  The weekly rate is equal to three times the daily rate, and a monthly rate is equal to three times the weekly rate (One month consists of four weeks).

  • Sequoia does not charge rental for the day rental equipment is shipped from Sequoia’s facility via courier.
  • Sequoia does not charge rental for the day equipment is picked up by a client if it is picked up after 2:00 pm.
  • Sequoia does not charge rental for the day equipment is returned as long as the equipment is returned before 11:00 am.

At Sequoia we understand field work because we work on many of the same projects and sites!  Our rental rates, pickup and return policies are designed to reduce or eliminate rental charges for the days our customers may not use the equipment due to site location, shipping or project variables. 


If you require rental equipment for a long-term project, please let us know in advance and we can negotiate a term discount prior to the rental period.


Our policy is to contact our customers and provide an invoice at the end of a month term.  We have incorporated this policy to simplify project invoicing but also to assist our customers in the instance equipment is forgotten and failed to be returned although possibly not being used.  In the event a customer forgets to return equipment the customer should expect to be charged for the duration of time the equipment was in their possession to a maximum of one month rental if the equipment is returned within 5 days of the monthly rental period.


Sequoia’s rental policy and rental rates are outlined above, and customers should expect to be charged based on the above terms for the duration of time the equipment is not in the possession of Sequoia Supply.  



As an environmental service company Sequoia understands that project schedules are sometimes delayed or cancelled.  In the event of a delay or cancellation Sequoia Supply requests that the customer contacts us immediately.  If we are contacted immediately an alternate rental period and/or return of the equipment may be arranged.  If the rental equipment is returned unused within 24 hours, then there will be no rental charges.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.


If the equipment is not returned within 24 hours, the customer will be charged based on the standard rental rate schedule unless the return has been pre-arranged with a Sequoia representative.



We pride ourselves on testing and calibrating all of our rental equipment prior to it leaving our locations.  However, on occasion things out of our control happen during transport, during use or when shipped with a courier.  In the event rental equipment arrives damaged, non-functioning or malfunctions during use the customer should contact Sequoia immediately and describe the issue.  Sequoia personnel can troubleshoot the issue over the phone or send replacement equipment if required.  Non-repairable equipment should be returned at your earliest convenience for Sequoia to assess the damage.   In these instances, Sequoia will not charge rental for the damaged equipment from the date and time the problem was identified, and the equipment determined to be non-repairable. 


If Sequoia is not informed about the malfunctioning equipment until the equipment is returned, the customer should expect to be invoiced for the full rental period.


**Rental fees, parts, service and/or replacement costs are the sole responsibility of the customer if the equipment damage is deemed by Sequoia to be caused by improper use.**



The customer is deemed to be in possession of and responsible for rental equipment from the time it physically leaves Sequoia’s location until the time the rental equipment is physically returned to a Sequoia location.


Customers assume full responsibility and are liable for any and all replacement costs related to loss or theft of rental equipment which occurs during the duration of the rental period.

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