Pig SpillBlocker Rough Surface Dike

Rough-Surface Dike stops spills on asphalt in their tracks with a liquid-tight tacky bottom layer that seeps into surface cracks.


Ideal For One-Time-Use Emergency Spill Response, One 2″ W x 10′ L x 2.25″ H Section.

Exclusive New Pig formulation features a tear-resistant top layer with a super-tacky bottom layer that seals tight to rough surfaces and blocks liquids. Bottom layer “seeps” into surface cracks to form a liquid-tight seal. Fast protection for when a spill is heading right for your drain on a rough surface; just set dike down with sticky side away from surface, turn dike over and press into place. Intended for one-time, limited term use; ideal for containing hazardous or other liquids on rough surfaces. Confines and diverts fluids without absorbing them, making cleanup or reclamation simpler.

2.25″ height contains spills up to 2″ deep. Polyurethane material resists water, oils and many chemicals. High-visibility yellow top color draws attention to spill for increased safety. Light-weight dike is easy to handle and deploy.


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