Heron- DipperLog 64

Groundwater Data Logger


Low cost data logger for continuously monitoring water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. Its small size allows use in well diameters as small as 3/4 of an inch (20mm). Durable & reliable ground water data logger. It is very easy to launch and even easier to download when used in conjunction with a barLog barometric logger. Wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft (120m) water head with temperature.

Available Pressure Ranges:

10m-30ft (recommended for water height of 1-9 meters)
30m-100ft (recommended for water height of 10-29 meters)
60m-200ft (recommended for water height of 30-59 meters)
120m-400ft (recommended for water height of 60-119 meters)


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