Aervoe All Purpose Inverted Marking Paint

Economical, multipurpose marking paint.

This good, multipurpose purpose marking paint provides a very cost-effective approach to marking with good visibility.

  • Spray on any surface
  • Self-cleaning tip
  • Mark lasts 2 months
  • meets standards set by OSHA and APWA/ONE Call Systems

An economical marking paint that is packaged in a can that may only be operated in an upside down position. It is designed to provide a cost-effective marking wherever needed. Markings from regular paint colors will last up to 2 months. Fluorescent colors fade faster, depending on traffic and exposure.
Benefits: Aervoe’s All Purpose Marking Paint is economically priced and provides good visibility in the 30-day range depending on traffic and exposure. It meets standards set by OSHA and APWA/ONE Call Systems. It is not affected by moisture or water and it will not wash away once dry. Can be used with the cap on in Aervoe applicators #244/245. The spray-through cap eliminates accidental discharge. Each can is non-clogging and empties completely.


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