Although we use the Ice Spikes at work to avoid slips, falls and the resulting injuries as we age, the Yatta Life brand and their products are really about “fun fitness”.  Fitness should be something that everyone can do and you should have fun doing it.  It shouldn’t mean signing up for an expensive gym membership, working out with a personal trainer, or making a workout something that you need to schedule in advance. Sometimes you just want to put on a jacket and running shoes and hit the road.  In short, sometimes you just want to get outdoors when the inspiration strikes.


When the inspiration strikes in the winter when sidewalks, running paths or hiking trails are covered in ice or any time of the year that the terrain requires extra traction the Yatta Life spikes give you the confidence to get outside and be active.  


For expert assistance for Yatta Life products please contact Barry@sequoiaenvironmental.com or call (403) 272-5523 ext 222.


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